History of Unique Italian Language

Rome was divided into 10 after the German invasion and there was already Germanic tribes. These Germanic tribes have actually different languages but were influenced by each other and now these languages have mixed and have influenced. However, Latin language which remained to this very day is the ancient Latin language that was carried on from generation of Roman Empire.

In fact, Latin language was the dominant language during the Dark ages. Although there were other European language existing at that time, Latin remained different from other s but it influenced the English language.  Many people think that Latin language is very hard to study. Actually all language is hard to learn even your own language. Among so many language, Latin language is the only language that has numerical value. This is why there is a numerical value hidden in their names. For example, the name Augustus has a numerical equivalence of 15, since the vowel u was v in the ancient times and v is equivalent to five.  Culture is in their language too.

Actually, there was a change of some value of letters. For example, the ancient Latin did not use U as a vowel because letter V is read as V or U. However, today they use the vowel u. In ancient times the, Augustus is written as Avgvstvs. There was a change of their language and there was also a mixture of Greek and Latin and Aramaic. This is why so many people are very confused when studying this Language.