Is gambling allowed in Japan? 

オンラインカジノJapan is one of the few countries where a lot of people gamble but casinos themselves are prohibited within the country. But did you know that you can play in online casinos even though you are a resident in Japan? This is due to the fact that the online casinos are foreign and located in tax paradises such as Malta or Curacao. Technically it’s not allowed for Japanese players to play on these but the goverment kind of turns a blind eye to this. Mostly because it’s impossible to control who plays on them.

It’s however extremely important that you play on an online casino that is safe. Unfortunately there are a lot of online casinos which are a bit dodgy and may even trick their customers. It’s also important to find a gambling site that offers the best casino games and that have good ongoing promotions. Another thing to think about is the loyalty program. When you choose where to play you should always look for a loyalty program that will give you something everytime you play, especially if you’re thinking of spending a lot of money.

The last thing to look for is a good support department that will answer all your queries with haste and that they don’t delay and documentation. Usually if you win a larger sum of money you will be asked to prove your identity by sending in copies of your passport, utility bill and credit card. All casinos have to do this but some delay the process for several weeks hoping that you will lose all your money by then.

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